Cholsey School’s Vision and Values

Throughout the academic year 2018-19, we collated views and opinions about what our school community valued most about Cholsey School. From this, we put together our vision and values, to run alongside our mission of: 

"to prepare children for the future through academic excellence and individual care."

We are really pleased with the outcome of our work and our vision and values are as follows: 

Our vision is to create an environment and mind-set which inspires and equips our children to make a difference in the world. They will be able to think deeply about things, ask questions to understand more, and be able to act in a way which brings out the best in themselves and each other.‚Äč

Values: we do what we do because We Care. We care about our children, each other, our community. We care about the outcomes we achieve and how we get them. We care about the mental health and well-being of everyone.