Extra Curricular Sport at Cholsey

Extra Curricular Sports Clubs

At Cholsey we believe children should be given the opportunity to develop their PE skills further and experience performing in a competitive situation. Through our Wallingford and OPEN partnerships we are able to offer our children both competitive and non competitive events.

Our children and parents are encouraged to support our five sporting values:

  1. Respect
  2. Sportsmanship
  3. Discipline
  4. Enjoyment
  5. Teamwork 

We run at least 4 sports clubs per term, which are run by both staff and specialist coaches. Our clubs change every half term to ensure that children from different ages have plenty of opportunities to try out a variety of different sports and physical activity. We aim to provide the pupils with a wide variety of clubs including alternative sports such as Ballroom and Latin Dance, Golf and Quidditch as well as the more traditional sports. Our Sports Leaders meet with the Head of PE each half term to discuss the clubs for the next term ensuring that pupil voice is heard and that we provide clubs that the children are interested in. 

Club information can be found in our weekly bulletin.

We are always happy to support our families who are eligible for Pupil Premium should their children wish to attend any of these clubs. 


 Clubs for Autumn Term 1 (2019-2020)

Tag Rugby (JSC Rugby)
Key Stage 2
3.30 - 4.30pm
£5 per session
Please contact James Clark directly to book a space.Contact details can be found on the weekly bulletin.


Cholsey Martial Arts

Years 1-6


Please contact Scott directly at: scott@candomartialarts.co.uk


Tag Rugby (JSC Rugby)
Key Stage 1
3.15 - 4.15pm
£5 per session
Please contact James Clark directly to book a space.Contact details can be found on the weekly bulletin.




Street Dance
Key Stage 2
3.30 - 4.30pm 
Please book online with Elite Youth Sports at: https://www.eliteyouthsports.co.uk/
Golf Club
KS1 (12.30 - 1pm)
KS2 (1-1.30pm)
Please book with the school office. 
Key Stage 2
3.30 - 4.30pm 
Please book online with Elite Youth Sports at: 

Yoga Club

LKS2 (12.30 -1pm)

UKS2 (1-1.30pm)

Places are limited. Please book at the School Office.


Football (Elite Youth Sports)
Key Stage 1
3.15 - 4.15pm 
Please book with Elite Youth Sports under the 'Book Now' section at: 

 Intra-School Competitions

Each year we compete in a variety of sports tournaments and festivals, which are run by the OPEN and Wallingford Partnerships. This is an opportunity for children to experience competition and to apply their skills in a competitive situation. We offer all children the opportunity to participate these competitive and non competitive events. School teams are selected from our extra curricular sports clubs or, in some cases, by the class teachers to praise learning attitudes in class. Tournament and festival age criteria are determined by the partnership hosts and are overseen by the OPEN and WPS PE Lead Teachers to ensure there are events for all year groups.

From 2019, School Games Pathways have been introduced into the OPEN Academy events as well as WPS events. This means that our children have additional opportunities to compete and represent the school at a higher level. 

Inter-School Competitions

As well as competing against our partnership schools, we hold a variety of 'House Sports' events. Every year, we hold a House Sports Day and have recently introduced House Rounders and House Multi-skills. We also hold class competitions in Ballroom and Latin Dance, which are always a popular event. These events are important for developing our five sporting values across the school as well as giving all children the opportunity to compete competitively against others. 


School – Club Links

We further encourage children to enroll at one of the many local sports clubs and a list of clubs and contacts can be found here:

More information about local sports clubs. 





“I like gymnastics club because we get to try lots of different gymnastics positions and practise what we learn to do in our PE lessons. This means we can get better at it and it is really fun.” 


“Tag rugby club is fun because we learn lots of different skills and learn how to throw accurately. It made me want to go and play for a club when I am older.” 


“Fitness club is lots of fun and we get to do different things each week that test our fitness. So far we have done circuits, yoga and aerobics. My favourite is circuits because you just don’t stop moving!”


“Netball club is great fun as you learn new skills each week. I like that we get to play a full game of high five and it’s fun competing against other schools in the tournaments.” 


“I loved quidditch club because we ran around loads and did lots of exercising. Scoring a goal is great fun because it makes you feel good about yourself and you even get to celebrate!” 


“Quidditch club is different to all the other sports but I have noticed the skills are similar to ones we might do in netball or basketball. It’s almost like a cross between netball and basketball! I really love quidditch.”