Our PE Curriculum

Our Vision

At Cholsey,  the staff and governors ensure that all children have access to high quality PE lessons and engaging physical activity opportunities, which will promote a life long love of sport through enjoyment. During lessons, children will be given the opportunity to learn and develop the physical and tactical skills needed for lifelong participation in sport. Staff embed our five sporting values: Respect, Sportsmanship, Enjoyment, Teamwork and Inclusion in all PE lessons and highlight the importance of adhering to these values during extra-curricular sports activities and in the classroom. We also aim to equip our children with the knowledge and understanding of the importance of healthy living.


Our PE Curriculum

All classes receive a minimum of two PE lessons per week. Our PE curriculum is guided by the National Curriculum and is supported by the use of our Sport Premium Funding. We aim to provide a balanced curriculum including traditional and non-traditional sports and emphasise the importance of both physical and mental wellbeing. Our active and engaging lessons help our pupils to develop a lifelong love of sport and physical activity and equip them with the skills to live a healthy and active lifestyle. 

Our curriculum lessons include: REAL Gymnastics, Dance, Netball, Hockey, Tag Rugby, Football, Athletics, Rounders, Cricket, OAA, Tennis, Ballroom Dancing, Golf, Multi-skills and Swimming.


High Quality PE Lessons and Staff CPD

Each year, staff participate in a CPD programme, which is overseen and organised by the Head of PE. The CPD programme is supported by the Sport Premium funding, which enables staff  to work with either the Head of PE or with an external PE specialist for either a half term or full term on an area of the PE curriculum that they would like support with. Sessions may involve team teaching, observations or demonstration lessons and is tailored to each staff members needs. This important CPD programme ensures that staff are continuously up-skilled and feel more confident in their delivery of PE lessons. As a result, children have access to high quality, engaging and active PE lessons. 



Every class in KS2 receives 10 swimming lessons at The Oratory School each year. These lessons are taught by qualified swimming instructors from Woodcote Swimming Club. The children work towards Swim Star Awards and are awarded with a certificate at the end. In Year 6 we focus on ensuring that all children can swim 25m using a variety of swimming strokes confidently. Any children that are unlikely to meet this target will be invited to attend additional booster sessions with the following group. 


Active 30

According to the Chief Medical Officer, all children should be active for 60 minutes per day. Government advice suggests that 30 of these active minutes per day should be in school. To support our children in achieving their 60 active minutes per day, all classes receive additional physical activity sessions.

In KS1 the children take part in Take 10, which is a 10 minute physical activity break each morning. Through their daily investigation time, children are given additional opportunities to be active through taking part in a physical activity station or personal challenge. 

In KS2, all classes timetable an 'Active 30' session on their non-PE days. During this time, classes take part in a variety of physical activities such as Skip2BFit sessions, The Golden Mile, Go Noodle, Kangaroo Aerobics, Zumba, Supermovers or Rugby Netball. 

Alongside these sessions, teachers ensure that classroom based lessons are as active as possible to keep the children moving and engaged with their learning. 


 To view our PE, School Sport and Healthy Lifestyles policy, click on the link below:

Physical Education and School Sport Policy 2019