Home Learning

We know that many parents are keen to support their child's learning at home. We want to ensure that you are kept well informed about the individual learning needs of your children. We have always had an open door policy and are fully committed to supporting your children. Therefore we will endeavour to communicate with you in a timely fashion if we feel that any learning or activities at home, with support from you, would benefit your child's progress. We also strongly believe that home learning works best when it is child led, as children have a natural curiosity to find things out! This is why in KS2 we have a topic project style homework (once per big term) that allows children to have a creative approach, with guidance and support provided by teaching staff. In KS1 we recommend regular reading with your child and daily practice of key maths skills like counting, ordering, 2, 5 and 10 times table.

The expectations of the national curriculum are extremely demanding. If you do wish to support your child further at home with some of the core skills needed in school, here are some useful links that you can use. For some of these websites a login is required which class teachers can provide.


My Maths

Please contact your child's class teacher for log in details.


Home Learning can be set on this website, as well as children opting to complete activities and play games relevant to their year group.

Suitable for Years 1-6

Some children's views of My Maths: 

My Maths is a great game to help expand your child’s maths knowledge. It covers all areas of the maths curriculum and is a fun way to help them learn.

When you first enter the website, it is quick and easy to use. The initial login is username: cholsey and password: square265. Each child should then be able to login using their individual login. (Matilda, Year 6)

There are lots and lots of addition and subtraction games to help your child get the standard they want to get to. All of these topics (and more) will help your child to do the best they can do in maths. It will help them to enjoy their time on My Maths.     (Ben, Year 6)

My Maths is an understandable website with a variety of games for kids of any year group. There are brilliant times table games such as: Grid Runner Solo which improves the times table knowledge of kids. (Douglas, Year 6)

My maths


Purple Mash (individual login required)

Purple Mash covers all aspects of the curriculum and makes learning fun. 

Suitable for all age groups

Some children's views of Purple Mash: 

Purple Mash is a fun, educational website that is suitable for all ages. It includes many entertaining games that cover all aspects of the curriculum.

Your child should have a Purple Mash login (if not, please contact your class teacher). If you feel your child needs help in a particular area, you can search the desired subject in the search bar and find many more fun games. All games on Purple Mash are educational in many ways. (Annabel P, Year 6)

You will be able to watch as your child dives head first into a world full of fun and imagination. It will help your child to learn new skills in every area of learning and deepen their understanding in lessons. They will receive a password and login from their class teacher so it will be quick and easy to enter this wonderful world of creativity. (Alyssa. Year 6)

For the younger ones there is something called Mini Mash and you will see this when you log on. It has lots of different activities like making a jigsaw, reading and writing. There is an activity called Simple City and your child can explore different jobs like being a doctor or a vet and you can help them along the way. (Eve, Year 6)

There are lots of different topics (English, mathematics, science etc.) and there is a wide range to entertaining games. There are lots of worksheets you can print off at home whilst on the other hand, there are many activities on the website. Some activities are specified for certain year groups so that would give you an idea about where your child should be in their education. (Millie M, Year 6)

Purple Mash is an educational website that covers all topics with learning. It should widen your child’s learning ability and push them to their very best. Your child should enjoy creating an avatar, which will look like themself that they can use to explore the different games. This is a great way to get your child to learn.  If your child uses this it would boost their confidence and make them believe in themselves more. They won’t be shy to raise their hand and it will improve their learning. (Nola, Year 6)

Serial Mash is another excellent link to help your child to read. There are four stages: Diamonds; Sapphires; Emeralds and Fire Bolts. Sapphires and Diamonds are probably the most suitable for Key Stage 1. At the end of the amazing journey that the book takes you on there are lots of interesting SPAG questions. (Imogen, Year 6)

Purple Mash


Espresso Home Link 

Please ask your child's class teacher for login details

Espresso uses multi-media to enhance learning. It has a wealth of video clips and activities to support the curriculum and current affairs.

Suitable for all age groups

Espresso home


Times Tables Resources:

Both of these sites have fun and stimulating games to support understanding and fluency of multiplication and division facts.


Maths Zone Woodlands Junior


 Year 5 & 6 SATS Mathematics Practice Questions

Click here to access this useful resource - you will need a password which can be requested via the school office.

For Year 6, there are topic boosters and past papers with video tutorials to help target specific weaknesses. For Year 5, there is a mini-maths (less than 5 minute) video for every day of the year to help establish a daily routine and thinking-outside-the-box puzzles. The resources can be used on PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones via the website.


(PHONICS) Teach Your Monster to Read (free sign up )

Children love to get their monster to the next stage as they practise their phonics skills. 

Mainly aimed at Years 1 & 2

Teach your Monster



Phonics Play (ask teachers for login details or play free games

Phonics Play Homepage


Oxford Owl (Free online e-books)
Including Oxford reading tree

Suitable for all ages



BBC Schools

This site has many activities and video clips which support learning across the curriculum. 

Sections are labelled with the age range they are aimed at. 

BBC schools homepage


Spelling Support

KS1- Spelling Fish1  Spelling Fish 2  Spelling Fish 3  Spelling Fish 4   Spelling Fish 5   Spelling Fish 6   Spelling Fish 7   Spelling Fish 8

Lower KS2 statutory word list

Upper KS2 statutory word list

Spelling shed


EYFS Useful Links:

Book Trust

Parents Guid

Pacey Starting School Toolkit


Reading Support: 

Please click on the attached resources that show what we use during whole class reading sessions.

RIC - provides a useful overview of the type of questions that can be asked to show different understanding of a text (which could be used at home)

APE1, APE2APE3,  - shows a useful structure for written response to a text. This is the structure we follow in KS2.


Please click on the following links for some age appropriate book recommendations:

Wallingford Book Shop recommendations

James' Book Lists